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Custom Made

I am so appreciative of Diana and this shop. Diana custom made the earrings as well as a bracelet for my wedding, and all of the pieces are absolutely gorgeous!! She was so patient as well as helpful during the whole process, and I would highly recommend her shop and skills! photo credit: clantzmedia Janel

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Awesome Place!

This is such an awesome place! They have so many beautiful and useful items, all at fair and affordable prices. Also their sweet pup is the best welcome party one could ask for! Vanessa

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Keeps Calling Me Back!

This store keeps calling you back, truly is a unique place to shop, chat, and learn something new to create, if your a beader, or you just want a out side of the box type gift, Diana as I've said before is such a help to whomever walks thru her door and a wonderful lady, also Dan , Diana's husband who also will assist you if you need something, their a great team not to forget little Sophie who will greet you, if she's not sleeping in her bed. just saying, you'll get hooked, my absolutely favorite store . Sue

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