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You can Find LOTS of Beads!
Various Gemstones

Our wide selection of semi-precious gemstone beads are the best available for your jewelry collection.   We have a large selection of color gemstone beads in different design styles and shapes – including oval, round, rondelle, in faceted or unfaceted beads.


Lava Beads

These natural beads are made using dried lava, formed from molten rock originating from a volcano eruption. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Although they are considered to be a form of stone, they are fairly lightweight making them great for jewelry. They look very earthy and our customers tell us they are great for oil infusions! Multiple strands pictured. Each strand sold individually.

Seed Beads

Our Seed Beads are precision-made Japanese seed beads that are among some of the finest in the world. The color and size consistency of our beads makes bead weaving, looming, and stringing projects easy and beautiful every time.

Glass Pearls

Glass Pearl Beads Strands, Pearlized, Round,

Sizes to Choose From: 3mm/4mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/14mm


Pearlescent glass beads in long strands. Glass pearls have pastel-colored coatings and are heated for a durable finish. Economical glass pearls offer a hint of luxury at just a fraction of the cost of designer pearls.

Freshwater Pearls

We offer some of the most beautiful cultured pearls available.  They naturally come in a beautiful variety of pastel colors. Each color can vary in shade, making these pearls highly desirable all over the world.

Two-hole Beads

SuperDuos are just one of the two-hole beads we carry; they are some of the most popular two-hole seed beads and available in a gorgeous range of color options here at My Girlfriend's Jewelry Box! Because they are consistent in size and shape, and have a unique tapered design, these versatile beads lend themselves beautifully to a variety of beading applications.

Montees Beads

Each component is round in shape and features a rhinestone in a pronged setting. The setting features two crossed stringing holes, so you can sew these components into designs, use it in bead weaving creations, add it to stringing projects, and more. There are so many ways to use these sparklers in your designs. The bold rhinestone features a clear and twinkling color. The setting displays a lovely silver shine.



Glass & Crystal Beads

Glass and crystal beads are man-made and cut beautiful beads!  They come in many sizes and shapes.  The art of glassmaking dates back to Roman times. From the earliest days, Czech glassmaking set the standard for Europe and the world. Glass beads are known for their sparkling cuts and vibrant colors.

Czech Glass Beads

Czech glass beads are beautiful handmade treasures you'll want to add to your collection. Glass making in the Czech Republic is an age-old cottage industry and these glass beads are still produced in small batches by skilled artisans. From fire-polished and round beads (sometimes called druks) to unique two-hole options and playful shapes, our Czech glass beads selection will inspire you again and again. Dream up stringing projects, bead-weaving designs, and more with trending brand names such as CzechMates and Matubo.

Fire polish Beads

Faceted fire-polish beads from the Czech Republic are a staple bead item for every beader's bead box. These glass beads are made by hand to bring artisan style to every project. With their classic round shape and shining facets, you can use these versatile beads anywhere. Add them to necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for a colorful display you'll love. These beads offer your looks the chance to shimmer with their re-fired polish that gives them light-reflecting qualities sure to stand out.

Metal Beads

Explore endless creative options with these metal beads. Shop sterling silver, gold-filled, pewter, copper, and more metal beads here. These beads make great accents to metal components and work well to break up color palettes and add complexity in jewelry designs. You'll want to stock up on these options for all your beading needs. There are so many styles to choose from and lots of lovely colors to bring variety to your jewelry-making projects.

Swarovski Crystal Beads

Create dazzling jewelry with Swarovski Crystal beads.
Since the early 20th century, Crystal by Swarovski has played a key role in designer jewelry and accessories based on complex yet flawless faceting that refracts light and sparkles like no other crystal on the market. In fact, many jewelry makers will only use Austrian crystal beads, pearls and components in their designs.

Sea Glass Beads

It takes decades for broken glass to "become" sea glass.

Common colors of sea glass, Green, Brown & White.  Rarer colors of seaglass are pieces that the color has not been made or used commercially for many years.

We have broken the colors into rarity categories, it is a general rule and not to be carved in stone (or glass!) as certain colors can be found more readily in some areas. For Example, lavender glass can be a rarity in areas yet abundant in Maine & Canada but hardly ever found in the islands.

Wood & Bone Beads

Choose from oval beads, barrel beads, round wooden beads and doll head beads.  These natural wood beads are often used for DIY jewelry making, home & party decoration and other craft projects; besides, you can also make your own personalized one by painting these unfinished wood beads.


Material: high quality wood Diameter: 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm Hole size: approx. 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm wide

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Mother of Pearl & Abalone Beads

Colorful Abalone and Mother of Pearl shell beads are laminated to create a glossy finish for enhanced beauty and stability. These beads contain a textured surface and are drilled side-to-side for optimum presentation effects with a blend of colors including blue, green, grey and brown.

You can Find LOTS of Beads! Various Gemstones Lava Beads
Seed Beads Glass Pearls Freshwater Pearls Two-hole Beads Montees Beads Glass & Crystal Beads Czech Glass Beads Fire polish Beads Metal Beads Swarovski Crystal Beads
Sea Glass Beads Wood & Bone Beads
Mother of Pearl & Abalone Beads